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can send us a question or comment, #firstladies. we have a question posted before you and we will mix those questions in. we welcome your participation. that is what it is all about. two terms in the white house. >> 1789, she comes to new york city a few months behind george washington. start by telling us what kind of opinion to american public had of these two people. >> it began with the revolution. at that point, when martha road to join her husband as she did every year, people would line up on every fence post to look at her. she said, i felt as though i were a very great somebody. she was somebody for the first time as his wife. the newspapers reported on how important it was for him to have her. they started then pared when they came back as president and his lady, they already had -- the public had an opinion of them. they were singular characters. other politicians were not in the same ballpark at all. >> give people a sense of how hard it was to make the basic decisions about how the new government would function, including this role. >> the decisions about what a republic
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1